Roe Deer Stalking

The seasons for roe deer are:

Bucks: 1st April – 31st October
Does: 1st November– 31st March

Although the seasons appear long, the normal season for bucks is April and May and again during the rut from mid July to mid August. The reasons for this are that by June the vegetation is very high so that its harder to see the deer and for some unknown reason they are not so active, yes you can shoot them in June but its more difficult. However during the rut they tend to be more active at all times of the day and present themselves more easily.

The consistency of fine heads is a combined result of good nutrition and a good blood line and quite importantly good deer management, this all comes together to provide some good trophy heads.

Selective and strategic stalking is of great importance to my business. An older roebuck gets the larger and more interesting trophy, I have a tight belted management system of bucks to be taken in each estate area each year to ensure a steady of stream of fine heads year on year.

Fallow Deer Stalking

Seasons for Fallow are:

Bucks: 1st August - 30th April
Does: 1st November - 31st March

All my Fallow Deer are truely wild and have been managed by myself for 26 years, alot of wild Fallow Deer may not palmated but I am very fortunate to have a great bloodline that provides good Palmated fallow heads.

Muntjac deer Stalking

There i'snt actually a closed season for male or female Muntjac, as a professional stalker I must ensure that any Munjac Does that are shot must be heavily pregnant, the reason for this is because they have no season so therefore they breed all year, If you shoot a doe that i'snt heavily pregnant, then that could mean a very young fawn maybe left orphaned and left to starve to death. I pride myself in deer management and not cruelty. The best time to shoot Muntjac is January, february and March because they are more of a woodland deer and obviously through the winter months the foliage is sparce so therefore they are easier to spot.

I can offer both novice and experienced stalkers and provide stalking courses with more than 13,000 acres of woodland and estate stalking with exclusive stalking land. Situated within the Southwest of England, with areas rife with Roe, Fallow and Muntjac Deer.

My objective is to provide deer stalking experiences through sustainable deer management and hopefully provide you with the best stalking experience.

Clients looking specifically for the chance to take a trophy animal should contact me to discuss this prior to booking.

All equipment can be provided including: estate rifle, 4x4 transport and extraction vehicles.

I am able to provide complete instruction for the novice in all aspects of deer stalking, starting with the safe use of rifles and culminating in live stalking and field preparation. This process can be on a one to one basis over several sessions or on an intensive two day group course with Me.

Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding deer stalking, I will be only too happy to advise you on any courses or outings that I can provide.

If Deer stalking is your passion or something you would like to try then let me arrange a memorable stalk for you and call me for more details.

Please note: I can arrange Firearm permits, ammunition, fine food and local accommodation

I look forward to meeting you and we can hopefully have a memorable hunt!