Deer Stalking Courses

This 2 day course includes...

DAY 1 : Theory

  • Saftey in the field
  • Ballistics
  • Angles of shot
  • Species of Deer
  • Deer Management
  • Equipment
  • Art of stalking
  • The laws concerning all aspects of a deer stalking

  • DAY 2 : Shooting on the range

    - Simulated stalk

    This entails approximately 10 silhouette targets and these are arranged over about 50 acres through field and woodland. Through myself you will be taught the dangers, safety aspects and the art of stalking. You will be expected to locate the deer, ensure that its safe to shoot and to shoot your target.

    - Exam paper

    This is a multiple choice exam to ensure that you understand all about your experience and the important issues raised.

    - Gralloching

    This is an insight into gutting and preparing the meat for storing.

    All in all this should be a valuable and enjoyable experience, either for yourself as a personal experience or as a gift to someone.

    Please feel free to contact me about any aspects of the courses and I will do ,y very best to answer all your questions.